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Classification and structure of micro-motors

Types of micro-motors
Micro motor in various categories, can be roughly divided into the DC motors, AC motors, since the state angular motor, stepper motor, resolver, shaft encoder, AC and DC motors, tacho generators, induction synchronizer, linear motors, piezoelectric motors, motor units, other special motors, etc. 13 categories.
Micro-motor structure
Micro motor in the structure can be divided into three categories:
Similar elements of the normal motor including a stator, a rotor and armature windings, the brush and other components, but the structure particularly compact.
There are two common: a combination of these various micro-motor; micro-motor combination with electronic circuits. For example, a combination of DC motors and sensors, X and Y directions and combination of the linear motor.
Overall structure and electromagnetic same products made as a cylindrical rotary, linear products made square, but it works because of the internal structure vary significantly.
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