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What is Coreless Motor? Coreless motor principle, structure, characteristics, application areas

What is Coreless Motor? Coreless motor principle, structure, characteristics, application areas

Coreless Motor Coreless DC motors are permanent magnet, servo micro motor. Coreless motors have outstanding energy-saving properties, sensitive and convenient control characteristics and stable operating characteristics, a high-efficiency energy conversion device, represents the direction of the motor. Coreless Motor breakthrough in the structure of the traditional motor rotor structure, using coreless rotor. Coreless motor has a very prominent energy, control and drag characteristics

Coreless Motor Principle and Structure

Coreless motor structure (13) Coreless motor breakthrough in the structure of the traditional motor rotor structure, using coreless rotor, also called hollow cup-shaped rotor.

This novel structure of the rotor core is formed completely eliminates the power loss caused by eddy currents, while the weight and moment of inertia substantially reduced, thereby reducing loss of mechanical energy of the rotor itself. Structural changes of the rotor leaving the motor has been greatly improved operating characteristics, not only has outstanding energy-saving features, more importantly, have the core can not be achieved by the motor control and drag properties.

Coreless brush and brushless motors are divided into two kinds, brush coreless motor ironless rotor, a stator brushless coreless motor ironless.

Windings are delta.

Coreless Motor Features

Coreless motors are:

1, energy-saving features: a high energy conversion efficiency, the maximum efficiency is generally above 70%, some products can reach more than 90% (70% in general core motor).

2, the control features: starting, rapid braking, fast response, the mechanical time constant of less than 28 ms, some products can be up to 10 milliseconds (msec core motor is generally more than 100); the recommended operating area high operational state , can easily be sensitive speed adjustment.

3, drag characteristics: highly reliable operation stability, speed fluctuation is small, as micro-motors which can be easily controlled speed fluctuation within 2%.

In addition, coreless motor greatly improved energy density, a core with the same motor power compared to its weight and volume to reduce 1/3-1/2.

Coreless Motor Applications

As Coreless motor overcomes the iron-core motors insurmountable technical obstacles, and its prominent feature focuses on the main motor performance, it has a broad application fields. Especially with the rapid development of industrial technology, servo characteristics of the motor continuously put forward higher expectations and requirements, so Coreless motors in many applications have an irreplaceable position.

Coreless motor applications, from military and high-tech fields to enter the big industrial and civil fields after ten years of rapid development, especially in industrialized countries, have been involved in most of the industries and many products.

1, requiring fast response servo system. Such as missile flight direction of rapid adjustment, high magnification optical drive servo control, fast autofocus, high sensitivity recording and testing equipment, industrial robots, bionic prosthetics, etc., Coreless motor can well meet the technical requirements.

2, the driving element for a smooth durable drag products. Such as various types of portable instrumentation, personal accoutrements, field operations equipment, electric cars, etc., the same set of power supply time can be extended to more than double.

3, a variety of aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, model ships. Coreless motors utilize light weight, small size, low power consumption advantages, you can minimize the weight of the aircraft.

4, a variety of consumer electronics and industrial products. Coreless motors used as actuators, can improve product quality, superior performance.

5, the use of its advantages of high energy conversion efficiency, but also as a generator; using its linear operating characteristics, but also used as a tachometer generator; coupled with the speed reducer can be used as a torque motor.

With industrial advances in technology, a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment with strict technical conditions on the servo motor raised higher and higher technical requirements, while coreless motor has been completely out of the scope of application of the limitations of high-end products, is rapidly expanding in the general civil and other applications on low-end products, with extensive improve product quality. According to statistics, in the industrial developed countries have more than 100 kinds of products for civilian application of mature Coreless motors.

Domestic industrial sector Coreless motor's superior performance is still not fully understood, prevented many technological advances in the field of mechanical and electrical products, we have a serious impact on the technology with similar foreign products competitive. Domestically developed many new products, due to motor performance does not meet the requirements, the overall level of its products with similar foreign products always there is a big gap, limiting the exploitation and development of many products, such as medical equipment, prosthetics, robotics, camcorders, cameras and some specific areas, even in the textile machinery, laser measuring instruments and other aspects of this phenomenon exists. However, Coreless motor production, due to its complex process, automation of production far less iron-core motors, resulting in high production costs, high labor costs, but also on the operator's skill level required is high. To large-scale production has brought a lot of difficulties and limitations. Coreless motor for our development work has three decades of history, but until it has been rapid development, not only in the domestic market to replace imported products, and some enterprises have started to participate in international competition in the market.
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