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Metamaterial Technology Co., Ltd.

        The metamaterial Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional development and production of micro motor manufacturers, the company is headquartered in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan, and set up two plants in Jiangxi and Sichuan, Has a sound management team, more than high-tech R & D personnel and a group of skilled motor production workers.。with annual production scale of 90 million. The products are mainly used in various types of office, communications, audio-visual equipment, home appliances, medical equipment, health supplies, electronic toys and other various types of equipment.

    Micro-motor: micro motor, mobile motor, DVD motor, slot-loading DVD Motor Car DVD motor, portable DVD motor, blood pressure monitors motors, car motors, repeater motor, health care products with motors such as micro-motors and micro motors (motors | manufacturers | Motor Dongguan mobile motor manufacturers | Coreless Motor manufacturers | DC motor manufacturer).

    Purpose, since the company was established in March 2004, has been uphold the "quality of survival, to efficiency and development, to serve the market" dominated "people-oriented, integrity management, customer-oriented, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy. Constantly improve the management, reform and innovation, continues to provide customers competitive products and professional support. The company brings together a large number of professionals engaged in the micro-motor, business management, quality management, production management and technical development, by virtue of excellent product quality and strict management requirements, so that our products Dongguan motor popular in China, Europe, America, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

   The company fully implement and the implementation of ISO9001/2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001/2004 EU RoHS environmental management requirements.

   On the basis of sincere cooperation, the Company will implement the strategy of market-oriented, customer satisfaction scale, which insists on quality advantage, people-oriented, scientific management, and towards large-scale operation of the road.

     The company began operations in 2010 the Chinese motor industry portal: China Motor Network
    Motor network (English the domain Chinese domain http://www. Motor network. Com) adhering to the "services to promote the network, network services," the purpose; the concept of "perfect, endless". Adhere to the people, has been adheres to the public, loyalty, honesty, energy, values. Enables users to continue to gain maximum benefit from the latest achievements in the development of enjoy information technology to make their greatest contribution to promote China's information industry development, promote the rise of knowledge-based economy!
        Welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers, trading companies the Chinese motor.  Mobil   DTE  SHELL

Metamaterial Technology Co., Ltd.
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